About Mod Phon

Mod Phon Ltd is a small company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. How small? Well, to be honest, it is currently one man with a few of his friends to help.

Our mission is simple: we want you to have fun making noise. In particular, we want you to have fun making voice-like sounds with computers, tablets, mobile phones and whatever other digital devices the boffins out there eventually dream up.

The founder of Mod Phon, Eric Carlson, has been playing with synthesizers for over thirty years, and for over twenty of those years he has been developing speech synthesizers. He holds an MA in Phonology from University College London.

Shortly after Eric acquired his first iPad in mid-2012, he realised that something he had long envisioned might now truly be possible: to create a synthesizer of singing voices that can be played live. Not long thereafter, Mod Phon was born.